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Best Battle Song Ideas

These are the titles/attributions as they were given to us; please feel free to email us at webmaster@ovff.org with any corrections or duplications!

Song Composer(s)
Battle For the Mosque Al' Amu Alexander, Heather
Frog of Cambredth Alexander, Heather
March of Cambreadth Alexander, Heather
Das Uber Tuber Bellavia, Rand; English, Adam
Song of Kong Bellavia, Rand; English, Adam
The Ballad of Fleet Sergeant Ho Billings, Lee
Fast Enough Bristow, Paul
Whatever Happened to the Bogton Boys? Bristow, Paul
Brother Michael's Song Carson, Mac
Battle On! Durno, Allison
Worms of the Earth Esty, Bob
No Quarter Faber, Cat
A Pict Song Fish, Leslie; Kipling, Rudyard
Serious Steel Fish, Leslie
The Cripples' Shield Wall Fish, Leslie
The Pride of Chanur Fish, Leslie
TRUE Story Fish, Leslie
Death of Nations Gordon-Kerr, Andrea
The Battle Gregson-Williams, Harry
Scum Hoffman, W. Randy
The Sons of the Saxons Kanefsky, Bob; Williamson, Melissa
Thin Blue Mean Streak Kimberley, Talis
Battle Dawn Lackey, Mercedes
And Shall Trelawny Die Longcor, Michael (Moonwulf)
Pensic War IV Longcor, Michael (Moonwulf)
Song of the Gunners Longcor, Michael (Moonwulf)
UFAN Fight Song Longcor, Michael (Moonwulf)
Shai! Macdonald, Steve; Simmons, Steve
Sir Jock of the Sword Nyrond, Zander
Animal Uprising Ookla the Mok
Challenge of the Space Monkeys Ookla the Mok
Das Uber Tuber Ookla the Mok
Song of Kong Ookla the Mok
The Destroyer Roper, Bill
Apology Roper, Bill & Gretchen
Challenge Roper, Bill (?)
Lament of a mother Silva; Giesen, Melanie
Gowron Said Knock You Out Ski, The Great Luke
Map Light Ski, The Great Luke
The Ballad Of Optimus Prime Ski, The Great Luke
Divine Irregularity Smith, Tom
Heat of the Blood Smith, Tom
Springtime For Sauron Smith, Tom
Trans Poly U Fight Song Smith, Tom
I dont want to be a hero Textor, Phillip
The Osama bin Laden Happy Dance Thiesen, Alan
The Battle Weingart, Dave
Turn Back the Tide Whitaker, Mike
I Bit William Shatner Worm Quartet
Inelligable Due to Having Previously Won
When Tenskwatawa Sings Longcor, Michael (Moonwulf)



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