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Best Filk Song Ideas

These are the titles/attributions as they were given to us; please feel free to email us at webmaster@ovff.org with any corrections or duplications!

Song Title Composer(s)
Frog of Cambreadth Alexander, Heather
Laddie, Are Ya Workin'? Alexander, Heather
Time of the Phoenix Alper, Renee; Phoenix, Ray
Barfy the Seasick Hedgehog Alway, Peter
Still Beautiful Aryana
Solar Flare Baardman, Sam
50 Ways to Leave Your Planet Balder, Rob
Come Out and Play (Federation Style) Balder, Rob
Teach Your Robots Well Balder, Rob
Alien Queen Barker, Lynn; Fontana, D.C.
Brother Michael's Song Carson, Mac
Small Designs Childs-Helton, Barry
Fanboy Soul Chua, Terence
Circle of One Conway, Chris
Islands Conway, Chris
Wonder Conway, Chris
Tom Bombadil Cooke, Robert; Tolkein, J.R.R.
Skullcrusher Mountain Coulton, Jonathan
Legolas Crowell, Dr. Mary
Magnus Retail Crowell, Dr. Mary
Mal's Song Dockrey, Michelle
No Hurry Dockrey, Michelle
The Girl That's Never Been Dockrey, Michelle
Thirteen Dockrey, Michelle; Fabris, Tony
A Thousand Ships Droege, Katy; Honisch, Juliane
Terminus Est Ecklar, Julia
Uplift Eigel, Andrew
Wings of Human Knowledge Faber, Cat
Outward Bound Faber, Cat
They Spoke With Their Hands Faber, Cat
Po' Boys Fabish, Marty Coady
Their Music Fabish, Marty Coady
Bring it Down geBORGt
Close Your Eyes Glasser, Daniel
A Thousand Nights Gunkleman, Franklin; Honisch, Juliane
Perfect Mate Hintermeyer, Christine
Pirate Song Hintermeyer, Christine
My Love is Like the Moon Hodgetts, Blake
Everyman Holmes, Mary Jean
No Frogs please Honisch, Juliane
Wolflove Honisch, Juliane
Crossover (Parody of Wings) Kanefsky, Bob
Nobody's Moggie Lands Kanefsky, Bob
Fire in the Sky Kare, Jordin
Archetype Cafe Kimberley, Talis
Paper Worlds Kimberley, Talis
Small Mended Corners Kimberley, Talis
Alea lacta Est Kinder, Sabine; geBORGt
God walks among us Klover, Kristoph
Perilous Garde Klover, Kristoph
Cinderella Sleeps Knighton, Gwen
My Fairy Tale Knighton, Gwen
Song of Fey Cross Knighton, Gwen
Starsoul Krangle, Jodi; Burton-West, Roger
The Dark Man Kwinn, Paul
I Am Stardust Landa, Lloyd
Chocolate Is a Vegetable Leathers, Graham
Don't Swear at Machinery Leathers, Graham
Nantucket Sleighride Leathers, Graham
In Another World Longcor, Michael (Moonwulf)
The Fairy King Lord Landless
Dark Wanderer Macdonald, Steve
Merry Meet Macdonald, Steve
How Lovely a Thing Is a Rose Mailander, Jane
Elektra's Song Malme, Chris (Minstrel)
Pretty Little Dead Girl McGuire, Seanan
Sycamore Tree McGuire, Seanan
This Heavy Heart McQuillin, Cynthia
Universal Follower Mills, Phillip
Rollen-Spiel (das kommt von rollen) Moeller, Sandra; geBORGt
Crouching Tiger, Jedi Master Newman, Ben
Dragon for Sale Newman, Ben
Here Be Cartographers Newman, Ben
Hyperbolic Orbit Newman, Ben
Dog Wizard Nyrond, Zander
Oil-Fired Stanley Price Nyrond, Zander
Rosie's Song O'Brien, Maureen
Waiting for Frodo Ohi, Debbie Ridpath
The Comforts of Home Ookla the Mok
Lullabye (Home is wherever) Passovoy, Anne
Evil Overlords Anonymous Prett, Jessica and Alasdair
Will Ye Come Back Home Richards, Mike
Nessie, Come Up Robinson, Dr. James
Plesiosaurnithology Robinson, Dr. James
Five Full Moons on Formelhaut Four Rood, Dave
You Are My Starshp Rood, Dave
Apology Roper, Bill & Gretchen
Request Roper, Bill & Gretchen
Father's Honour Sampson, Mich
Just Beyond Sampson, Mich
High Barratry Savitzky, Stephen
One Man's Poetry Selzer, Adam
Bardic Ring Sheihamatab aka "Britta van den Boom"
88 Lines about 44 Simpsons Ski, The Great Luke
A Man Called Jayne Ski, The Great Luke
Back to the Future Ski, The Great Luke
Because I'm Jedi Ski, The Great Luke
Fangirl, Shake that Booty! Ski, The Great Luke
Grease Wars Ski, The Great Luke; Farrar; Gibb; St. Louis; Dahlby, Carrie
Kramer-Costanza Ski, The Great Luke
Play that Filky Music Ski, The Great Luke
Sign of a TRUE 'D' Fan Ski, The Great Luke
Stealin' Like a Hobbit Ski, The Great Luke
Vader Boy Ski, The Great Luke
Take It Back Sloan, Kathleen
Bermuda Triangle Smith, Tom
Falling Free Smith, Tom
Five Years Smith, Tom; Ed Robertson (of Barenaked Ladies)
Rich Fantasy Lives Smith, Tom; Balder, Rob
Star Song Sutton, Bill
Second Hand Songs Turner, Jonathan
Inner Light Warner, Larry
The River Weingart, Dave
Die Puppen (The dolls) Wiest, Eva
You Were Wrong Cabinet Sanchez Worm Quartet
Toxic Swamp Young, Kenny
Vow Zieger, Darren



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