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Best Classic Filk Song Ideas

These are the titles/attributions as they were given to us; please feel free to email us at webmaster@ovff.org with any corrections or duplications!

Song Composer(s)
Tomorrow I Leave for Battle Alexander, Heather
Precious Moments Allcock, Phil
Three Kings Anderson, Poul; Dickson, Gordon
View Master Bellavia, Rand; English, Adam
Small Designs Childs-Helton, Barry
Chess Coulson, Juanita
The Hosts of Faerie Coulson, Juanita
The Elf Glade Davis, Meg
Fal Morgan Dickson, Gordon; Kurtz, Katherine
Zero Gee Polka Duntemann, Jeff
The Hand of God Ecklar, Julia
Don't Push That Button Elms, Duane
We're Going Back Elms, Duane
Helva's Song Eng, Cecilia
Under the Gripping Beast Faber, Cat
A Cliche Revisited (The Dragon's Song) Farran, Randy
Asteroid Named Rest Stop Fish, Leslie; Ecklar, Julia
Catatonia County Rag Fish, Leslie; Ecklar, Julia
Couplets for a Departure Fish, Leslie
Fellowship going South Fish, Leslie
Golden Eyes Fish, Leslie
Mis-conception Fish, Leslie
No High Ground Fish, Leslie
Pushing the Speed of Light Fish, Leslie
Stone Dance Fish, Leslie
Computerspiele geBORGt
And the Band Played Appropriate Music Grumer, Avram
You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania Hanley, Ian
LIttle Fuzzy Animals Hayes, Frank
Pharmakoia Hoffman, W. Randy
Terror Time in Lancre Honisch, Ju; Droege, Katy
Darkness Kare, Jordin
Fire in the Sky Kare, Jordin
Ancient Sky Kimberley, Talis
Death Danced at my Party Kimberley, Talis
Uffington Hill Kimberley, Talis
Perilous Garde Klover, Kristoph
Eternity's Waltz Longcor, Michael (Moonwulf)
Old Time Religion Many
Calm Down Mar, Kathy
Cathedrals Mar, Kathy
Grendel Mar, Kathy
Black Davie's Ride McQuillin, Cynthia
Child of Darkness McQuillin, Cynthia
Cold Dreams McQuillin, Cynthia
Crimson & Crystal McQuillin, Cynthia
Ruby Wine McQuillin, Cynthia
Shadowharper McQuillin, Cynthia
Shoot Out @ the I'm OK Corral McQuillin, Cynthia
The Tribe McQuillin, Cynthia
My Name Is Not Merv Griffin Muller, Gary
Asteroid Ore Nakkula, Robin
Dog Wizard Nyrond, Zander
Jock of the Sword Nyrond, Zander
Oil-Fired Stanley Price Nyrond, Zander
The I Am Not a Ninja Polka Porath, Murray
Spiral Dance Prather, Anne
Evil Overlords Anonymous Prett, Jessica & Alasdair
(Nobody Loves The) Comedy Band Raymond & Scum
Will Ye Come Back Home Richards, Mike (©1999, thus not elligible)
Nessie Come Up Robinson, Dr. James
Plesiosaurnithology Robinson, Dr. James
Promises Roper, Bill
Teenage Popsicle Girl Roper, Bill
Too Many Years Roper, Bill
Programmer and the Elves Rubin, Mike
Just Beyond Sampson, Mich
Call the Navigator

Sanders, Debra; McQuillin, Cynthia; Klover, Kristoph

The Locktender's Lament Shmertz, Robert
Ship of Stone Simpson, Don
Insane and The Brain Ski, The Great Luke; Freese; Muggerud; Reyes
Murder Was the Play Ski, The Great Luke; G Warren
Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues Ski, The Great Luke
What's Up Spock? Ski, The Great Luke
Y.O.D.A. Ski, The Great Luke
Falling Free Smith, Tom
Heat of the Blood Smith, Tom
Hellraiser Smith, Tom
I Want to Be Peter Lorre Smith, Tom
Midnight at the Well Sutton, Bill
Stray Dog Man Sutton, Bill
Wishful Thinking Thiesen, Alan
Second Hand Songs Turner, Jonathan
Beware the Sentient Chili Weber, Chris
Before the Dawn Whitaker, Mike
Leviathan's farewell Whitaker, Mike
Midnight at the Tower Whitaker, Mike
Halfway There Whitaker, Mike & Anne
Mary O'Meara Anderson, Poul -- ineligible - won already
Lullaby for a Weary World Burnside Clapp, TJ -- ineligible - won already



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