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Best Torch Song Ideas

These are the titles/attributions as they were given to us; please feel free to email us at webmaster@ovff.org with any corrections or duplications!

Song Composer(s)
Beacon Man of Gondor Allcock, Phil
Don't Fall In Love With a Cactus ASH Productions; Hodgetts, Blake
Dollar Fifty Movies Bellavia, Rand; English, Adam
Home Bellavia, Rand; English, Adam
Starsoul Burton-West, Roger; Krangle, Jodi
Virtual Girl Conway, Chris
Wonder Conway, Chris
Doctrine of Ethos Crowell, Dr. Mary
Good Man Go Bad Crowell, Dr. Mary
Legolas Crowell, Dr. Mary
Magnus Retail Crowell, Dr. Mary
When I Grow Up Crowell, Dr. Mary
Captain Jack and the Mermaid Davis, Meg
Passion Flower Eng, Cecilia
John Talos' Canon Faber, Cat
Wild Rose Faber, Cat
'Po Boys Fabish, Marty Coady
Their Music Fabish, Marty Coady
Iron Mistress Fish, Leslie
My Love Was Like the Moon Hodgetts, Blake
Perky Goth Hoffman, Randy
Wolflove Honisch, Juliane
Ancient Sky Kimberley, Talis
Death Danced at My Party Kimberley, Talis
Eleven Candles Kimberley, Talis
X Libris Kimberley, Talis
Cinderella Sleeps Knighton, Gwen
Falling for Lancelot Knighton, Gwen
Love Song for a Friend Knighton, Gwen
Lilly Lackey, Mercedes
Medic Lackey, Mercedes
Die Flagge des roten Todes Lord Landless
How Lovely a Thing Is a Rose Mailander, Jane
Maybe It's Crazy McGuire, Seanan
Sycamore Tree McGuire, Seanan
Liebeslied Moeller, Sandra
Wizard and Witch Moeller, Sandra
Ruins Neely, Erica
Saturday Nights Neely, Erica
Hyperbolic Orbit Newman, Ben
Mizpah Nyrond, Zander
My Jalopeno Man Ohi, Debbie Ridpath
Neurotic Love Song Ohi, Debbie Ridpath
Sex and Chocolate Ohi, Debbie Ridpath
Gorilla (gorilla) Ookla the Mok
Guggenhiem Love Ookla the Mok
Teenage Popsicle Girl Roper, Bill
A Father's Honour Sampson, Mich
Uhura Shoji, Joey
I Love You, TiVo Ski, The Great Luke
Titanic Monday Ski, The Great Luke
Vader Boy Ski, The Great Luke; Dahlby, Carrie
Starlight and Saxophone Smith, Tom
Media Momma Snyder, Scott
What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone Ulbrich, Carla
Before the Dawn Whitaker, Mike
Great Idea For A Song Worm Quartet

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