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2012 Brainstorming Poll: Composer's Picks

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We will accept composer submissions until the Final Ballot is released; this page will get updated irregularly in the meantime. These are the titles/attributions as they were given to us; please feel free to email us at with any corrections or duplications!

Bryan Baker
The Ballad of Ruth
The Furry Lolita of Gor
Zombie Love Song (If Anyone Eats My Brains

Mark Bernstein
Love Is The House

Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff
Come to Mordor
Hangin' Out At Cheers
Won't Get Fooled

Ian Bonds (Insane Ian)
Death Star
Hey There, Hermione

Heather Borean
Human Balance

Dr. Mary Crowell
Acolytes of the Machine
Cat People Get Depressed
Change of the Seasons
Doctrine of Ethos
Get Down Mama
Magnus Retail
Pomegranate Tango
Some Believe
Two Hours Away

Olivier Danvy
Character Building

Nancy Louise Freeman
The Broken Goddess
Dawson's Mitzvah
Fate (The Girl With the Key)
Leather Pants of Evil
Two Worlds

Berdene C. Foye
Formula For Life (w/ Mel Tatum)
I Was Stuck In Coach (While My Guitar Flew 1st Class) (w/ Mel Tatum)
Night Patrol (w/ Mel Tatum)
Zombie Puppies (w/ Mel Tatum)

Kate Gladstone
Band of Primates
Banned from Bio (co-written with Andrew Haber)
Creationist's Chanty
Deities on the Dashboard of my Car
Discworld Vampire's Lament
Everything's Out of Date in Kansas Classrooms
Great-Grandfather's Pet
Groundhog Lullaby
Hope Nary
I am the Very Model of a Novelist Fantastical
I'm My Own Mother/Father/Etc.
Lullaby for a Zombie Child
Magic Incorporated
The "Burn Harry Potter!" Battalion
The Ballad of Boris Smeds

Richard Glover / Stephanie Weippert
Flame Jockey
Tonight I Sleep Alone

Andrew Hampel
Arthur C Clarke
Green Green the Death
New Magnet
The Recession Weed (Grim Times Grim Times)
Where's my Space Age (Tomorrow's World)

Mark E. Horning
Countdown Towards Tomorrow
Dreams of Tungsten
Path of Sorrows
When Eagles Fall

Dave Keefer (Boogie Knights)
Earth Magic Girls
Fair Verona
Gandalf Got Molested by a Balrog
I Walk the Road
Legend of Zombie Pete (w/John Scheeler)
Madagascar (aka, "Lemurs")
Screw the Limit
The Seven
Top of the Wall
(The Legend of) Zombie Pete

Creede Lambard
You're A Hack

Benjamin Newman
Beyond the Far Horizon
Dragon for Sale
Glass Half Full of the Sea
Here Be Cartographers
Jurassic Park Sunset

Naomi Pardue
Afternoon Delight (Hey Mr. Rogers)
All Summer Day
Cold Cold Man
My Thousand Closest Friends

Rivas, Santiago
Ballad of Darth Vader

Steve Savitzky
Demon Lover
Keep the Dream Alive
Quiet Victories
The River
Silk and Steel
The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of
Vampire Megabyte

Smith, Jane M.
Ballad of Jarl Gristlebeard
Can You Get Through a Metal Detector
Sound of Cylons

Jacob Sommer (with RAH)
Green Hills of Earth

Daniel Sterman
The Alpha Complex Polka
Ani's Luke
Another Riddle Homicide
The Mage's Ballad
Middle Earth Blues
Minions of Doom
Shatter the Glass
The Spaniard Craftsman's Child
Upgrading Killed My Video Card
World Again

Mel Tatum
My Irish History
The Werewolf
What is this thing called Filk?


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