The Pegasus Awards

2019 Pegasus Final Ballot

for excellence in filking

Please select only one song or artist per category.

Pre-convention voting is open until 12:01 midnight Pacific Time on Tuesday, October 22, 2019.

This means that your last full day to vote if you are not attending OVFF is Monday, October 21, 2019.

Balloting will re-open on the evening of Friday, October 25 during and immediately after the Pegasus Nominees Concert, for those who are attending OVFF and wish to submit their ballot there.

You may only submit one Final Ballot. Should you submit more than one Ballot online, only the most recent one will be counted.

We strongly encourage you to distribute the link to this ballot as widely as possible within the filk community. The link is: You do not need to be a member of the convention to vote.

In addition, would especially like to thank Jeff Bohnhoff, Mark Peters, Gerry Tyra, Mary Ellen Wessels, Leslie Fish, Ken Lalonde of USB Studios, Bob Laurent of Wail Songs, Prometheus Music, FilKONtario, DFDF, and GaFilk as well as all the artists for their kind support and permission to use their copyrighted recordings.

Thank you for your participation!!

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Best Filk Song
I Am I - Eva Van Daele-Hunt Listen!
Lucy on the Line - Tim Griffin Listen!
Nine hundred and ninety nine - Mich Sampson /Marilisa Valtazanou Listen!
Vor - Bill Sutton Listen!
Water - Cathy McManamon Listen!
Best Classic Filk Song
Arden - Zander Nyrond / Chris O'Shea
The Dark Man - Paul Kwinn
Regrets - Andrew Eigel
Ship of Stone - Don Simpson
Storm Dancing - Tom Smith
Best Performer
The Blibbering Humdingers
The Faithful Sidekicks
Tim Griffin
Sunnie Larsen
Playing Rapunzel
Best Writer/Composer
Lauren Cox
W. Randy Hoffman
Andrew Ross
Eva Van Daele-Hunt
Batya Wittenberg
Best Sing-Along Song
Don't Push That Button - Duane Elms
Gone Filkin' - Tom Jeffers
I Had A Shoggoth - Tom Smith
Somebody Will - Ada Palmer
Teenage Popsicle Girl - Bill Roper
Best Family Song
Give My Children Wings - Kathy Mar
Golden Rule - Sabine Kinder
Mommy, Can I Have A Spaceship? - Joey Shoji
My Thousand Closest Friends - Naomi Pardue
Welcome Home- Mark Bernstein


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