The Pegasus Awards

2021 Pegasus Final Ballot

for excellence in filking

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Voting is open until midnight, Pacific time on Thursday, October 28, 2021. Balloting will be re-opened for attendees of OVFF on Friday evening, and will close at 12:01 Eastern time on October 30, 2021.

You may only submit one Final Ballot. Should you submit more than one Ballot, only the most recent one will be counted.

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We would especially like to thank Julia Ecklar, Prometheus Music, Kirstin and Volker Tanger of FilkCONtinental, and all the artists for their kind support and permission to use their copyrighted recordings.

Lastly, we dedicate the accuracy of the data on this website to the memory of Harold Stein, who over the years acted as our fact checker and proofreader. He is sorely missed.

Thank you for your participation in the 2021 Pegasus Awards!!

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Best Filk Song
Courage Dear Heart - Summer Russell Listen!
Earth That Was - Cecilia Eng Listen!
Fighting the Black Thing - Erin & Rand Bellavia
Pure of Heart - Heather Estelme Listen!
Second-Hand Heaven - Lawrence Dean Listen!
Best Classic Filk Song
Annie's Luck - Cat Faber
Before the Dawn - Mike Whitaker
Crimson & Crystal - Cynthia McQuillin
Die Puppen (The Dolls) - Eva Van Daele-Hunt Listen in:
Nessie, Come Up - Dr. Jane Robinson
Best Performer
Lauren Cox
Cecilia Eng
Rhiannon's Lark
Madison "Metricula" Roberts
The Faithful Sidekicks
Best Writer/Composer
Lawrence Dean
John McDaid
Ben Newman
Summer Russell
Batya Wittenberg
Best Mad Science Song
I Built A Time Machine - Eric Distad
Mad Science Café - Brooke Abbey
Mad Scientist's Love Song - Gary McGath
Maybe It's Crazy - Seanan McGuire
Watchmaker Hill - Eva Van Daele-Hunt Listen!
Best Cheery-Ose Song
Chuck the Corpse - Fred Capp
Dear Seanan - Erin Bellavia / Merav Hoffman / Seanan McGuire
Everybody Dies - The PDX Broadsides
Not Everybody Dies - Erica Neely
Tiny Kraken- Rhiannon's Lark


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