The Pegasus Awards

2022 Pegasus Final Ballot

for excellence in filking

Please select only one song or artist per category.

Worldwide voting is open until 11:59pm Pacific time on Thursday, October 27, 2022.

You may only submit one Final Ballot. Should you submit more than one Ballot, only the most recent one will be counted.

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Thank you for your participation in the 2022 Pegasus Awards!!

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Best Filk Song
The Entwife - Summer Russell Listen!
Following Our Dreams - Lawrence Dean Listen!
I Am I - Eva Van Daele-Hunt Listen!
Poisoned Apples - Don Neill Listen!
Spirals In Your Eyes - Peter Alway Listen!
Best Classic Filk Song
Come Ye Knights - Sheila Willis Listen!
Crimson & Crystal - Cynthia McQuillin Listen!
Helva's Song - Cecilia Eng Listen!
I Am Stardust - Lloyd Landa Listen!
Storm Dancing - Tom Smith Listen!
Best Performer
Tim Griffin Listen!
Daniel Kelly Listen!
Jen Midkiff Listen!
Madison "Metricula" Roberts Listen!
Via Bella Listen!
Best Writer/Composer
Cecilia Eng Listen!
Kari Maaren Listen!
Cathy McManamon Listen!
Ben Newman Listen!
Summer Russell Listen!
Best Furry Friend Song
A Habitrail Named Klein - Blake Hodgetts Listen!
Job the Armored Donkey - Rhiannon's Lark Listen!
Meownir - Madison "Metricula" Roberts Listen!
Nobody's Moggy Lands - Bob Kanefsky Listen!
Underfoot - Jen Midkiff Listen!
Best Song That Tells A Story
The Alien Jellyfish Song - Chris Conway Listen!
Before the Dawn - Mike Whitaker Listen!
Colin - Steve Macdonald Listen!
Nine hundred and ninety-nine - Mich Sampson / Marilisa Valtazanou Listen!
Scarlet Town - Cathy McManamon Listen!


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