The Pegasus Awards

Amy McNally


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Collaboration Category
2016 Play It With Moxie Best Performer
2012 Wild Mercy
2011 Best Performer

Pegasus Nominations

2013 Play It With Moxie Best Performer  
2012 Play It With Moxie Best Performer  
2010 Play It With Moxie Best Performer  
2009   Best Performer  
2008   Best Performer  

Amy McNally (also known as Amy McFiddler) is that chick in a skirt and no shoes who sits on the filkroom floor with a violin and a stash of Pixy Stix. Yeah, that one, with the hair. She's been hanging around filk circles like that for about eleven years, and has been playing fiddle for a couple of decades. Singing with Lady Mondegreen, in Play It with Moxie and the Mad City Jug Band, and on recordings by Wild Mercy, Seanan McGuire, Adam Selzer, and other assorted musicians and rogues, she does folk, Celtic, and historical music too, but considers herself a filker first. She currently lives in the midwest, and likes Doctor Who, sugar, roller coasters, single malt, books, and pie, although maybe not all at once.



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