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Cat Faber IF



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Song
2015 Best Writer/Composer  
2014 Best Song of Passage Outward Bound
2003 Best Writer/Composer  
2001 Best Creature Song Least of My Kind
1999 Best Filk Song The Word of God
1998 Best Writer/Composer  
1995 Best Sing-Along/Choral Song Acts of Creation

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2013 Best Writer/Composer    
2006 Best Battle Song   No Quarter
2005 Best Writer/Composer    
2004 Best Tribute   Howie in Waltz Time
2002 Best Performer Echo's Children  
2001 Best Performer Echo's Children  
2000 Best Performer Echo's Children  
1998 Best Filk Song   The Word of God
1998 Best Performer Echo's Children  


Cat Faber is the offspring of a sasquatch and a space alien. Her unique perspective on things like sports and religion (if those can be said to be separate subjects) has been further twisted by moving to Tennessee where both are all-pervasive. Her taste in music is likewise unusual, combining a love for the folksong style with an interest in subjects like science and magic. She sang from babyhood, though her sasquatch parent maintains she was tone-deaf until about the sixth grade.

In 1996 she hooked up with Arlene Hills to form the filk duo Echo's Children, which released several CDs. Now she lives halfway up a hill in Tennessee, about two blocks from a lake, where she uses the canoes she built. She sings and plays mandolin and octave mandolin for values of "play" that are not particularly stringent but are gradually getting better.

Last January she released her second solo album "Dr. Faber's Medicine Show" which is available, along with her previous solo album "The King's Lute" from her bandcamp page at Her most recent songs, including those from her attempt at February Album Writing Month, are available as lead sheets, sheeet music, and mp3s at her website, She also recently celebrated her thirteenth anniversary with the legendary Kip, a reclusive entity that few in the filk world have ever seen.

Representative Work for the 2015 Pegasus Awards.

Hydrogen and Time (mp3)

Words and Music Copyright © 2015 by Cat Faber - All Rights Reserved
Used by permission.

Long ago and far away the photons hit the fan
For all intents and purposes, that's how it all began
Three minutes to make nuclei; from there we start the climb
A universe unfolding out of hydrogen and time

A star consumes its hydrogen, new elements it chars;
The ashes of its nova, stuff of planets and new stars.
Pulsars, quasars, nebulae, distant and sublime
A universe unfolding out of hydrogen and time

Comets carry water, evolution ups the stakes,
Chemicals make life, if you don't care how long it takes.
Life makes photosynthesis, makes oxygen from slime,
A universe unfolding out of hydrogen and time.

The human mind becomes a place for knowledge to arise;
The universe beholds itself reflected in our eyes.
What's the music of the spheres with none to hear it chime?
A universe unfolding out of hydrogen and time.
A universe unfolding out of hydrogen and time.


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