The Pegasus Awards

Debbie Gates, DI


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration
2012 Best Performer Wild Mercy

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration
2009 Best Performer Wild Mercy
2008 Best Performer Wild Mercy
Debbie Gates is one quarter of Wild Mercy and a life-long sci-fi fan, but hadn't heard of this filk thing 'til Wild Mercy bandmates Barry and Sally Childs-Helton posed the question "Wanna do a concert at a con?" Now she
hangs out in filk rooms 'til the wee hours and blames Barry and Sally for her unfortunate addiction to guitar creatures and percussion toys (they're so much more portable than pianos, after all!). In "real life," she's the
chief Mac geek for a large publishing company, and is owned by a handful of rescued cats, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (say that five times fast!) and an English Setter.


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