The Pegasus Awards

Don Simpson



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2015 Best Classic Filk Song Ship of Stone
2013 Best Classic Filk Song Ship of Stone
2010 Best Classic Filk Song Ship of Stone
2007 Best Classic Filk Song Ship of Stone
2006 Best Classic Filk Song Ship of Stone


For over fifty years Don Simpson has been doing science-fiction and fantasy art in several methods and media, including metals, wood, glass, stone, plastics, and various combinations. He has had one-man shows at Dream Masters Gallery in Los Angeles and at Earthlight Gallery in Boston, built an alien space-probe for the National Air and Space Museum ("Certainly the best part of the exhibit, and the one requiring the greatest imagination to develop" -— Spaceflight magazine), and designed the base for the year 2002 Hugo Awards.

Don's other main interest is technology, and for most of thirty years he was helping design various mechanical and electronic devices, including the first digital-output computer mice and an experimental "virtual reality" computer interface; and helping produce the Star Trek - The Next Generation computer game "A Final Unity". Currently, he is doing computer graphics and high-tech sculpture, and doing jewelry in many materials, styles and techniques.

Don has started to display his art on-line with a deviantART gallery site: and has a second deviantART site with some samples of his songs, poems, and short fiction:

Don has written hundreds of filk songs, and the first parts of hundreds more; and is hoping to someday have a songbook and a better filk website.


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