The Pegasus Awards

Erica Neely IF HoF


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2002 Best Filk Song Red Roses

Erica Neely is working on her Ph.D. in Philosophy, which explains where she gets all the pain and misery she puts into her songs. She originally found filk when she was attending college in England by asking a friend what his plans were for the weekend - little did she know that he was attending his first filkcon! (Or that she would become sucked in...) A year later she attended Obliter-8 (in 1996) and discovered that all of these vastly impressive people with tapes out were really quite nice and friendly.

After returning from England, Erica started working on her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where there is, sadly, no filk to speak of. Fortunately, she finds it easy to choose between filk and food and has been saving up all her pennies in order to go to OVFF, FilkOntario, and the East Coast Floating Filkcon. She put her first CD out, Not Everybody Dies, in 2001 and hopefully will start on a second Real Soon Now. She considers one of her greatest accomplishments having thoroughly hooked her Mom on filk. Best known for writing serious songs, Erica does try to have at least one or two songs where nobody dies in every set.

You can find information about Erica on her homepage at


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