The Pegasus Awards

Pegasus Awards at OVFF


A line drawing of a pegasus in flight

There is Pegasus-focused programming at the OVFF every year on Friday and Saturday night. Check out the details below!



Every year at 8 pm on Friday we have the best three hours of concert in Filk, the famed Pegasus Awards Concert.

At this is the event all the songs nominated for this year's Pegasus Awards are presented. All Nominees that attend OVFF are given the opportunity to present their song in the concert. In the event that a composer cannot attend, artists are curated by the Pegasus Committee (along with suggestions from the Nominees) to present each Nominated song. The at-con vote for this year's awards closes after the concert.

It's the most intense 3 hours of concert in Filk, and a must-see!


Beginning at 6 pm on Saturday is Pegasus Awards Banquet. At around 7:30 pm the figurative doors are opened and everyone is welcome to attend the Pegasus Awards Ceremony, where we find out who the Pegasus Award Winners are for this year. (Attending the Banquet is not required to attend the ceremony- it simply ensures that you have a seat during the Awards ceremony itself).




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