The Pegasus Awards

The Pegasus Award Winners


307 Ale by Tom Smith
A Boy and His Frog by Tom Smith
A Reconsideration of Anatomical Docking Maneuvers in a Zero-G Environment by Diana Gallagher
A Simple Country Doctor by Matt Leger
A Toast for Unknown Heroes by Leslie Fish
Acts of Creation by Cat Faber
Arafel's Song music by Kathy Mar, lyrics by Mercedes Lackey
Archetype Cafe by Talis Kimberley
Arthur Curry by Rand Bellavia & Adam English
As I Am by Heather Dale
Banned From Argo by Leslie Fish
Black Davie's Ride by Cynthia McQuillin
Cheshire Kitten by S. J. Tucker
Bloodchild by Joey Shoji
Circles by Gwen Zack
Close Your Eyes by Daniel Glasser
Cold Butcher by Steve Macdonald
Daddy's Little Boy by Murray Porath
Daddy's Little Girl by Julia Ecklar
The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper & Julia Ecklar
Dawson's Christian by Duane Elms
Drink Up The River by Kathy Mar
Dryad's Promise by Betsy Tinney
Do It Yourself by Bill Sutton
Emerald Green by Michelle Dockrey & Tony Fabris
Evil Laugh by Seanan McGuire
Falling Down on New Jersey by Mitchell Burnside Clapp
The Girl That's Never Been by Michelle Dockrey
The Green Hills of Earth by Robert Heinlein & Mark Bernstein
God Lives on Terra by Julia Ecklar
Harbors by Anne Passovoy
Hope Eyrie by Leslie Fish
Horsetamers Daughter, by Leslie Fish
I Put My Low Stat by Dr. Mary Crowell
I Want To Be Peter Lorreby Tom Smith
Ian the Grim by Clif Flynt
In A Gown Too Blue, by Brenda Sutton
Joan by Heather Dale & Ben Deschamps
Journey's Done by Steve Macdonald
Kinda Mediocre, Actually by Clif Flynt & Bill Roper
Knight's In White Satin by Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff
The Lady, by Jodi Krangle
Ladyhawke! by Julia Ecklar
Least of My Kind, by Cat Faber
Lightsailor by Barry Childs-Helton
Like A Lamb to the Slaughter by Frank Hayes
Litle Fuzzy Animals by Frank Hayes
Lullabye For a Weary World by T.J. Burnside Clapp
Madame Curie's Hands by Duane Elms
March of Cambreadth by Heather Alexander
Mary O'Meara by Poul Anderson & Anne Passovoy
Midichlorian Rhapsody by Jeff Bohnhoff
Monster In My Head by Michael (Moonwulf) Longcor
Monsters in the Night by Diana Gallagher
My Husband the Filker by Bill & Gretchen Roper
My Jalapeno Man by Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Never Set the Cat On Fire by Frank Hayes
No Hurry by Michelle Dockrey
Operation Desert Storm by Tom Smith
Out Of A Clear Blue Sky by Dr. Jane Robinson
Outward Bound by Cat Faber
Paper Worlds by Talis Kimberley
The Phoenix by Julia Ecklar
PQR (You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet) by Tom Smith
Return of the King by Tom Smith
Rhinotillexomania by Michael (Moonwulf) Longcor
Rich Fantasy Lives by Rob Balder / Tom Smith
Road to Roswell by Karen Linsley & Lloyd Landa
Rocket Ride by Tom Smith
Sam's Song by Zander & Soren Nyrond
Second-Hand Songs by Jonathan Turner
Shai! by Steve Simmons & Steve Macdonald
Shooting Star by Michael Longcor
Signy Mallory by Mercedes Lackey & Leslie Fish
Snow White, Red Road by Cheshire Moon
Song of the Shieldwall by Malkin Grey (Debra Doyle) & Peregryn Wyndryder (Melissa Williamson)
Strangers No More, by Brenda Sutton
Superman's Sex Life Boogie by Tom Smith
Tech Support, by Jeff Hitchin
Temper of Revenge by Julia Ecklar
Threes by Mercedes Lackey & Leslie Fish
Tiberius Rising by Rand Bellavia and Adam English
Twelve Years at Worldcon by Frank Hayes
Unreality Warp by Clif Flynt
Uplift by Andrew Eigel
Velvet, by Talis Kimberley
Velveteen by Kathy Mar
Weekend Only World by T.J. Burnside Clapp
When Giants Walked by Kathy Mar
When I Was A Boy by Frank Hayes
When Tenskwatawa Sings by Michael (Moonwulf) Longcor
Wicked Girls bySeanan McGuire
Wind From Rainbow's End by Bill Roper
Wind's Four Quarters by Mercedes Lackey /Leslie Fish
Witnesses' Waltz by Leslie Fish
The Word of God by Cat Faber
World Inside the Crystal by Steve Savitzky
X-Libris by Talis Kimberley
Alexander James Adams
Heather Alexander
The Black Book Band
Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff
Cheshire Moon
Barry and Sally Childs-Helton
Mitchell Clapp
Decadent Dave Clement
Dr. Mary Crowell
Dandelion Wine
Heather Dale
Ben Deschamps
Julia Ecklar
Talis Kimberley
Michael (Moonwulf) Longcor
Steve Macdonald
Bill Maraschiello
Seanan McGuire
Amy McNally
Judi Miller
Ookla The Mok
Tom Smith
Bill Sutton
Technical Difficulties
Three Weird Sisters
Urban Tapestry
Vixy & Tony
Michael (Moonwulf) Longcor
Steve Macdonald
Bill Maraschiello
Seanan McGuire
Judi Miller
Ookla The Mok
Tom Smith
Bill Sutton
Technical Difficulties
Three Weird Sisters
Betsy Tinney
S. J. Tucker
Urban Tapestry
Vixy & Tony
Wild Mercy
Heather Alexander
Rand Bellavia and Adam English
Dr. Mary Crowell
Juanita Coulson
Heather Dale
Julia Ecklar
Cat Faber
Leslie Fish
Tim Griffin
Talis Kimberley
Bob Kanefsky
Mercedes Lackey
Cynthia McQuillin
Steve Macdonald
Kathy Mar
Seanan McGuire
Zander Nyrond
Dr. Jane Robinson
Tom Smith
S. J. Tucker
Urban Tapestry
Vixy & Tony
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