Ohio Valley Filk Festival

This page has been deprecated. Please go to www.ovff.org/pegasus/ for more information about the Pegasus Awards.

The Pegasus Awards for Excellence in Filking

The Pegasus Awards Emblem

The Pegasus Awards were founded in 1984 by OVFF to recognize and honor excellence in filking.

Any member of the worldwide filk community is eligible to win. Past Nominees have hailed from the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Singapore as well as the United States.

The nomination and ballot procedure is similar to that of the Hugo, except that one does not need to be a paid member of the convention to nominate or vote. Anyone with an interest in Filking or Filk music can place a nomination and/or vote.

The results are tabulated, the winners determined, and the award is presented at the Pegasus Awards Banquet on Saturday evening at each OVFF.