The Pegasus Awards

Best Song Nominees

A Boy and His Frog Tom Smith
A Simple Country Doctor Matt Leger
A Thousand Ships Katy Dröge and Juliane Honisch
Acolytes of the Machine Dr. Mary Crowell
Apology Bill and Gretchen Roper
Arafel's Song (Tree of Swords & Jewels) Mercedes Lackey and Kathy Mar
Archetype Cafe Talis Kimberley
Being Watson Kari Maaren
Black Davie's Ride Cynthia McQuillin
Bloodchild Joey Shoji
Brother Michael's Song Mac Carson
Child of the Library Piers and Gill Cawley
Cheshire Kitten S. J. Tucker
Chess (Ad Astra) Juanita Coulson
Close Your Eyes Daniel Glasser
Con Spent In A Circle Rob Wynne
Courage Dear Heart Summer Russell
Cranes Over Hiroshima Fred Small
Creatures of Dream Batya Wittenberg
Crimson and Crystal Cynthia McQuillin
The Dark Man Paul Kwinn
Dawson's Christian Duane Elms
Die Puppen (The Dolls) Eva Van Daele-Hunt
Doppleganger Kathy Mar
Dreams Clif Flynt
Drink Up The River Kathy Mar
Earth That Was Cecilia Eng
Edward Kathy Mar
The Entwife Summer Russell
The Ferryman Leslie Fish
Fight Like A Girl Erin and Rand Bellavia
Fighting the Black Thing Erin and Rand Bellavia
Fire In The Sky Jordin Kare
Following Our Dreams Lawrence Dean
Future Me Robert Beckwith
Gabriel Gray's Song Batya Wittenberg
Gather Day Steve Macdonald
The Girl That's Never Been Michelle Dockrey
The Girl Who Couldn't Even The PDX Broadsides
Grandfather Gary Hanak
The Green Hills of Earth Mark Bernstein and Robert Heinlein
God Lives on Terra Julia Ecklar
Gone Filkin' Tom Jeffers
Goodnight, Sarah-Jane Talis Kimberley
Han Solo For President Eric Distad
Harbors Anne Passovoy
Heartwarming Kathy Mar
Heat of the Blood Tom Smith
Hellraiser Tom Smith
Here Be Cartographers Ben Newman
Hope Eyrie Leslie Fish
Horse of Silver Gold Bill Roper
I am I Eva Van Daele-Hunt
I Would Walk With You Cynthia McQuillin
Joan Heather Dale and Ben Deschamps
Journey's Done Steve Macdonald
Just Desserts Meg Davis
The Lady Jodi Krangle
Ladyhawk Julia Ecklar
The Library Song Bill Roper and Gretchen Van Dorn
Like Their Feet Have Wings Gwen Knighton
Lucy on the Line Tim Griffin
Lullabye for a Weary World T.J. Burnside Clapp
Magic Carpet Andrea Yeomans
Mommy Can I Have a Spaceship? Joey Shoji
Monster & The Man Mark Osier
Mordred's Lullaby Heather Dale
My Story Is Not Done Seanan McGuire
My Thousand Closest Friends Naomi Pardue
Nantucket Sleigh Ride Graham Leathers
Nine hundred and ninety nine Mich Sampson / Marilisa Valtazanou
On The Inside Renee Alper
One Small Boat Marilisa Valtazanou
PQR (You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet) Tom Smith
Pageant Legend (The Morgan LeFay Song) Katy Dröge-Macdonald /Ju Honisch
Paper Worlds Talis Kimberley
Planet Called Melody Bill Roper
Po' Boys Marty Coady Fabish
Poisoned Apples Don Neill
Pure of Heart Heather Estelme
Red Roses Erica Neely
Red Star Rising Mitchell Clapp
Rich Fantasy Lives Rob Balder and Tom Smith
Road to Roswell Lloyd Landa and Karen Linsley
Rocket Ride Tom Smith
Sam's Song Soren and Zander Nyrond
Scarlet Town Cathy McManamon
Sea of Stars Judith Hayman
Second-Hand Heaven Lawrence Dean
Second-Hand Songs Jonathan Turner
Shooting Star Michael Longcor
Small Designs Barry Childs-Helton
Snow White, Red Road Cheshire Moon
Solar Gypsy Diana Huey
Somebody Will Ada Palmer
Someone on the Internet is Wrong Mich Sampson / Marilisa Valtazanou
Spirals In Your Eyes Peter Alway
Starship & Haiku Kathy Mar
Starsoul Roger Burton-West and Jodi Krangle
Stimmen im Wind Eva Wiest
Strangers No More Brenda Sutton
Stray Dog Man Bill Sutton
Take It Back Kathleen Sloan
Tiberius Rising Ookla The Mok
Time & Stars Sharon Porath
Uplift Andrew Eigel
Velvet Talis Kimberley
Velveteen Kathy Mar
Vor Bill Sutton
Water Cathy McManamon
We Are Who We Are Michelle Dockrey/Tony Fabris
The Whale Song Andrew Eigel and Dave Tucker
When Giants Walked Kathy Mar
When I Was A Boy Frank Hayes
When Tenskwatawa Sings Michael Longcor
Wicked Girls Seanan McGuire
Wind From Rainbow's End Bill Roper
Witnesses Waltz Leslie Fish
Woof Diana Gallagher
The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster Brooke Abbey
The Word of God Cat Faber
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