The Pegasus Awards

Jonathan Turner IF



Pegasus Award

Award Year Category Song
2013 Best Classic Filk Song Second Hand Songs

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2007 Best Filk Song Second Hand Songs
I grew up in Amherst, a college town in western Massachusetts. I earned a degree in astronomy from Amherst College, discovered that this was of doubtful remunerative value, and wound up writing software for a living. In the process I attended my first filksing at Boskone in 1985; in my later twenties I learned to play the guitar, courtesy of a roommate with a guitar and _Rise Up Singing_. I spent five years in exile in Texas for employment reasons, hanging out in my spare time with folk and filk musicians and playing in Irish sessions. I came back to New England in 1996 and drifted into the orbit of MASSFILC--that's how I met my wife, Robin Holly. I write a song every two or three years as the spirit moves me. Nowadays I live in Nashua, NH with Robin, our 4000+ books, a lot of model trains, and the cutest cat in the entire world.


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