The Pegasus Awards

Mac Carson


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2003 Best Filk Song Brother Michael's Song


Mac Carson was born in Savannah, Georgia in 1949 and spent his childhood in numerous towns and cities from Yonkers, New York to Miami, Florida before ending up back in Savannah. After reaching adulthood he moved to Greenville, South Carolina and fell in among bad company by helping to found a science fiction club that rapidly evolved into a mainly Star Trek club. One of his club-mates introduced him to fanzines, which led to his exchanging PulpCon (pulp magazine collecting) for Star Trek and SF Cons. As coeditor of, writer and artist for, The Southern Star fanzine he ended up at SekwesterCon, Too! where he met Leslie Fish and the concept of filk.

Filk was not an alien concept to Mac. He just had not know that other people did things like putting words to the theme music from Disney's original Escape To Witch Mountain while driving home from the movie. Having discovered filking he attended a few more cons, got married and GAFIAted. He continued to write songs, he just did not have anywhere to sing them until the 1985 World Con (or was it a NorthAmeriCon?) in Atlanta, Georgia lured him back to con-going fandom. Since then he has shifted his interests from general SF cons to filk cons, especially GaFilk in Atlanta, GA.

While his songs cover a wide range of topics from a man who wants to die and cannot (The Immortal) to commentary on abortion clinic demonstrations (Witnesses Waltz 2) to invasion by giant chickens from outer space (Star Chickens), it is the Highlander based Brother Michael's Song that has drawn the most interest and requests.


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