The Pegasus Awards

1987 Nominees


Many, many thanks to Alan Thiesen for his help in correcting this Final Ballot!

Best Filk Song
Crimson and Crystal Cynthia McQuillin
The Ferryman Leslie Fish
Harbors Anne Passovoy
Ladyhawk Julia Ecklar
Mommy Can I Have a Spaceship? Joey Shoji
Best Performer
Meg Davis
Julia Ecklar
LA Filkharmonics
Kathy Mar
Joey Shoji
Best Writer/Composer
Juanita Coulson
Julia Ecklar
Duane Elms
Leslie Fish
Bill Roper
Best Ose, Ose, and More-Ose Song
Bloodchild Joey Shoji
Darkness Jordin Kare
Ian The Grim Clif Flynt
The Pilot's Eyes Bill Sutton
Su Madre Murray Porath
Best Schtick
Song Performer (note: NOT necessarily the Composer)
Frank Hayes' Disease Telethons Everywhere! Steve Schwartz and Bill Sutton (This refers to the Filk Revival performed at OVFF 2)
God's Own Drunk Steve Simmons
Have Some Madeira, My Dear EVERYONE
Thais (Wicked Alexandria) Juanita Coulson, Bill Sutton, and Bill Roper
Unreality Warp/Kinda Mediocre, Actually Clif Flynt and Bill Roper


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