The Pegasus Awards

1989 Nominees

Best Filk Song
Bloodchild Joey Shoji
Chess (Ad Astra) Juanita Coulson
Dawson's Christian Duane Elms
Arafel's Song (Tree of Swords & Jewels) Mercedes Lackey and Kathy Mar
Red Star Rising Mitchell Clapp
Best Performer
Juanita Coulson
Murray Porath
Tom Smith
Bill Sutton
Technical Difficulties
Best Writer/Composer
T.J. Burnside
Mitchell Clapp
Duane Elms
Kathy Mar
Cynthia McQuillin
Best Fantasy Song
Elf Glade Meg Davis
Magician's Wives Peter Beagle
Robin Hood T.J. Burnside
Shadow Harper Cynthia McQuillin
Wind's Four Quarters Leslie Fish and Mercedes Lackey
Best Techie Song
Amphioxious Juanita Coulson
Do It Yourself Bill Sutton
Drivel Dr. Jane Robinson
In The Blood (Flying Machine) Brenda Sutton
The S-100 Bus Frank Hayes
  Thanks to Rick Weiss and Harold Stein for providing us with the Final Ballot information!! Here is a scan of the 1989 Final Ballot!


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