The Pegasus Awards

2016 Nominees



Best Filk Song
Creatures of Dream Batya Wittenberg
Somebody Will Ada Palmer
Someone On the Internet is Wrong Mich Sampson / Marilisa Valtazanou
Vor Bill Sutton
We Are Who We Are Michelle Dockrey / Tony Fabris
Best Classic Filk Song
Die Puppen (The Dolls) Eva Van Daele-Hunt
The Ship Roberta Rogow
Small Designs Barry Childs-Helton
Small Mended Corners Talis Kimberley
Take It Back Kathleen Sloan
Best Performer
Tim Griffin
Leslie Hudson
Play It With Moxie
Three Fifths
Best Writer/Composer
Barry Childs-Helton
W. Randy Hoffman
Kari Maaren
Benjamin Newman
Ada Palmer
Best Adapted Song
Being Watson Kari Maaren
Cliffs of Insanity Erin & Rand Bellavia
Do You Want to Build an Iron Man? Lawrence Dean
Six Transit Genitalia Centauri Bob Kanefsky
Tea At Four Phil Mills
Best Exploration Song
The Face on Mars Tom Jeffers / Dave Clement
Following in Valentina's Footsteps Valerie Housden
Here Be Cartographers Benjamin Newman
Starsoul Roger Burton West / Jodi Krangle
Terra Nova Eva Van Daele-Hunt


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