The Pegasus Awards

2020 Nominees



Best Filk Song
Apology Bill & Gretchen Roper
Child of the Library Piers & Gill Cawley
Mordred's Lullaby Heather Dale
Nine hundred and ninety nine Mich Sampson /Marilisa Valtazanou
Water Cathy McManamon
Best Classic Filk Song
Annie's Luck Cat Faber
Die Puppen (The Dolls) Eva Van Daele-Hunt
Small Mended Corners Talis Kimberley
Somebody Will Ada Palmer
Storm Dancing Tom Smith
Best Performer
The Blibbering Humdingers
Lauren Cox
Margaret & Kristoph
Rhiannon's Lark
Wreck the System
Best Writer/Composer
Cecilia Eng
Kari Maaren
John McDaid
Cathy McManamon
Andrew Ross
Best Media Song
Barrayaran Roses Maureen O'Brien
Cliffs of Insanity Erin & Rand Bellavia
Do You Want to Build an Iron Man? Lawrence Dean
Goodnight, Sarah Jane Talis Kimberley
Han Solo for President Eric Distad
Best Space Song
Colin Steve Macdonald
The Face on Mars Tom Jeffers / Dave Clement
Following in Valentina's Footsteps Valerie Housden
Not All Who Wander Are Lost in Space Ben Newman
The Wreck of the Martian Observer Sunnie Larsen / Aron Wolf


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