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Feynman's Coffee

by Jordan Mann

Coffee shop on thirty-fourth, Order up a cup of Joe
Look out at the view beyond, And wonder
Radius would be a mile, Like it was in 45
Just a puzzle that unleashed, The thunder

Puzzles they're my stock in trade
The more complex the more I thrive
The challenge how to start a chain reaction
Join the project do your job, Try not to pay any mind
To what results from every interaction

Add a little drop of milk, Watch the little ripples form
Outward spreading as an Exponential
Picking up a little speed
Break the cup and break the norm
Think of all of the untapped Potential

The little coffee shop is gone, A little fraction of a blink
Simply burned past any recognition
See the Empire State implode
As the Brooklyn Bridge dissolves
From just a little drop Such Devastation

I was young in 45, I was arrogant and green
I was part of something great
Few have seen the things I've seen
Few have lived and seen the thing I've seen

Many puzzles can be solved, Many lives can be wiped out
From the little string of inspirations
No one ever questioned why, All we ever asked was how
No one ever saw the implications

So, now I am become death, I remember Oppie said
See the blast beyond deny that brief thrill
So I live with what I've done, And my little world goes on
Excuse me waitress I could use- A refill

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