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by Naomi Rivkis and Katy Droege

Black land, red land, double crown
Heralds you as god on earth
When Anubis leads you down
All who wake will know your worth.
Subtle as the sand, death brings
Verdict on the lives of kings.

Rich your tomb and sweet your rest,
Safe your bed, but ere you pass
Here am I to tame and test,
Show your image in the glass.
Ask you, "Human, are you wise?"
Cut the Pharaoh down to size.

Centuries hence, another prince,
Dying, named himself to gods.
He has reckoned better since --
The gates were barred with iron rods.
Wiser, he was welcomed in
Simply called a man of sin.


Answer, you who once demanded,
Riddle by your wits and heart
No advisors here commanded
No brave guards to take your part
Jackal's-head with silent laughter
Waits to lead you 'midst the dead.
Guess, and make your own hereafter;
I'm to name the path you tread.

Sire, my riddle isn't hard --
Lose your hubris: that's the price.
Any prince who knows the word
Earns his place in paradise.
Kneel before me, if you can
And admit yourself a man.

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