Ohio Valley Filk Fest 36

Song Writing Competition

A line drawing of a pegasus in flight

2020 OVFF Songwriting Contest

A line drawing of a pegasus in flight

Spikey Ball of Death

Paul Kwinn

Copyright © 17 October 2020

The time of which I tell
When everything had gone to hell
We had to simply sit inside our homes alone
No going to concerts, hugging friends
Our social contact at an end
The only way to talk was on the phone
The lucky ones could work from home
Less fortunates were forced to roam
Out where the risks were higher day by day
You wore a mask when you went out
And disinfectant sprayed about
To keep the spikey ball of death away

And if you care for the life you're living
You'd better watch what you do today
Cause if you simply inhale the wrong breath now
The spikey ball of death could come your way

Perhaps you've seen the morningstar
A weapon of an ancient war
It crushed a man and pierced him in one deed
Well here's a spikey ball that's worse
It's sent a million to the hearse
No murderous human impulse does it need
But still we could evade this hex
It spreads from one man to the next
Through breath that's shared with those who stand nearby
Just stand away and wear a mask
To save some lives, a simple task
And yet beyond the ken of certain guys

And so we wait for this plague's end
While video-calling with a friend
We could have kept so many more alive
If only Cheeto understood
That masks could do so much more good
Than opening theaters, restaurants, and dives
So do your best to curb the spread
And leave that many fewer dead
You're better than the government's elite
One final thing that I should note
You have, of course, the right to vote
So put some science believers in their seats.

Copyright ©2020 OVFF


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