The Pegasus Awards

Paul Kwinn IF



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Song
Pegasus graphic 2010 Best Magic Song Where the Magic Is Real

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2019 Best Classic Filk Song   The Dark Man
2017 Best Horror Song   The Dark Man
2005 Best Sword and Sorcery Song   Urban Legends
2002 Best Chilling/Spine-Tingling   The Dark Man
2000 Best Performer Puzzlebox  
2000 Best Writer/Composer    
1999 Best Filk Song   The Dark Man
1999 Best Performer Puzzlebox  
1999 Best Writer/Composer    
1998 Best Writer/Composer    
1997 Best Filk Song   The Dark Man

Paul Kwinn is just a guy with a guitar and a reasonably solid sense of the Silly. He has managed, over the years, to pull his voice up to "sometimes passable". In his secret identity, he has spent 34 years as a software engineer, 90% of that in the videogame industry. (It's not "intrepid reporter for the Daily Planet", but it pays the bills.) He stumbled into fandom in the late 80s, and filk a couple years later. 25+ years of filk has provided him with great friends, great times, some song-writing contest prizes, and one greatly-appreciated Pegasus award. Foremost among the friends are his partners in the band Puzzlebox: Taunya Gren, Alisa Garcia, Luis Tomas Garcia, and Beckett Gladney (the last of whom doubles as his spouse, and triples as a well-known artist, creating album covers, among other works). They've had guest gigs at such luxurious events as GaFilk, FilkContinental, Consonance, and, most recently, the UK filk con. The group put out one CD, "Assembly Required", and are now working on another (only 20 years later). Mr. Kwinn resides happily in Fremont, CA, with his wife and 18-year-old twins Casey & Riley. He wishes to thank everyone for the Pegasus nomination, and point out that, in some cultures, vote-purchasing is perfectly respectable.



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