The Pegasus Awards

Evolution of the Pegasus Award Logo

Where did the Pegasus come from? Why Pegasus, for filk?

Well, the idea came from a painting by F. Kelly Freas, A Bridle For Pegasus.

The subject matter of the piece made it very attractive to the OVFF concom as a filk theme.

The early Pegasus Awards were varying objects, from glass wands to carved slate. None of them actually incorporated a Pegasus into their design, however.

The first Pegasus logo in regular use was from the venerable 'Leather Peggy'. The 'Leather Peggy' was a handcrafted leather tape case, with the design below embossed on the front. These awards were in use from approximately 1990 to 2001. They were conceived by OVFF, and designed and created by Ed Jones.

Legacy Pegasus Emblem, 1990 - 2001

In 2002, we started using a new award, with artwork by Carolly Hauksdottir and engraving by Hartman Trophy of Columbus, Ohio. The artwork was originally commissioned for use on the tape "The Pegasus Winners, Collection 1, 1984-1993" produced by Love Song Productions in 1994.

In 2006, Nancy Graf was commissioned to create a new Pegasus Logo, to be used in all future Pegasus branding and correspondence.


And, a new Award trophy that integrated Nancy's brilliant design was presented in 2006, again with engraving from Hartman Trophy of Columbus, Ohio.


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