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2024 Pegasus Brainstorming Poll Results

We solicited the opinions of filkers all over the world to compile these lists. By definition, a brainstorm is a way of generating a lot of ideas. It is important at this phase to note that what is sought is every single idea, regardless of its eligibility or accuracy.

Once the Brainstorming Poll is closed, we make our best effort to correct spelling, titles, attributions, et. al.; as well as filter out songs and artists that are not eligible this year; but the sheer volume of input we receive makes this very difficult. At the end of the day, these are the titles/attributions as they were given to us by the community at large. Should you find something we missed, please feel free to email us at pegasus at ovff dot org with any corrections.

When you use the Brainstorming lists for your Nominating Ballot, please take a few moments to double-check our work. If you think a song has won a Pegasus, see if it has a page already on the site. If it has already won a Pegasus, it is no longer eligible to win. An Artist award (Best Writer/Composer, Best Performer) can only be won by an entity every 5 years (so, artists who received these awards from 2019-2023 are not eligible this year). Again, we make our best effort to filter these entries, but every year one or two seem to slip through and make it onto the lists.

At the end of the day, the Brainstorming Poll is only a tool to help you generate ideas for making a quality Nominating Ballot. Being mentioned on the Poll lists is not a requirement for becoming a Finalist for a Pegasus Award- you are free to Nominate any filker you like!

In any event, we hope that you find the ideas presented here helpful in filling out a Nominating Ballot for this year's Pegasus Awards!

This year's results can be found on the following pages:

Thank you for your interest!

Steve Macdonald and Erica Neely
Pegasus Evangelistas


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