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Year Category
2002 Best Performer
2001 Best Performer
2000 Best Performer
1998 Best Performer

Echo's Children (Cat Faber and Callie Hills) is an acoustic duo that performs mostly at science fiction conventions. We write, arrange, and perform original songs about subjects that range from science fiction through science and technology to out-and-out fantasy, using instruments that range from guitar, mandolin, and bodhran to flutes, recorders, and pennywhistles.

Our first gig was to entertain a dozen princesses; we naturally joined forces in the face of so much royalty, and decamped from the area, winding up serenading some bemused peddlers instead. We have since travelled over much of the country, changing costumes and instruments frequently to throw off pursuit, while writing, arranging and performing songs about subjects ranging from fairies and gypsies to computers and spaceships. Many of these performances, until now only seen in the wild, have been captured on digital media, and are displayed in lifelike settings and attitudes on Under the Gripping Beast, our first CD (released at OVFF in 1997), As Good As Any, (released at BaltiCon in 1999), and A Dancing World, released at LepreCon in 2001.

Several of our songs have been inspired by favorite authors, two of whom have been particularly supportive of our music. It was at the urging of David Weber that we made arrangements with Baen Books for our three "Honorverse" songs included on the promotional CD that was bundled with the October 2002 release of War of Honor, the most recent installment in the Honor Harrington series. We're hoping that this will generate additional interest in our music, and filk music in general.

Many of our song lyrics, and audio samples from our CDs, are available via our website, Please stop by and visit sometime!


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