The Pegasus Awards

Andrew Eigel IF



Pegasus Award

Award Year Category Song
2008 Best Filk Song Uplift

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category


2019 Best Classic Filk Song   Regrets
2013 Best Alien Song   Regrets
2007 Best Filk Song   Uplift
2005 Best Filk Song   Uplift
2004 Best Filk Song   Uplift
2003 Best Filk Song   Uplift
2000 Best Filk Song   Uplift
1996 Best Filk Song w/ Dave Tucker The Whale Song

Andrew Eigel is a lapsed filker from Cincinnati, Ohio, where he lives with his wife Jinny, a couple of housemates, and two amazing kids, John (16) and Xander (5). He's kept busy working for a major retailer in their backline credit department and also running several Pathfinder games in his spare time.

He and Jinny wrapped production late last year on a five-year-long Babylon 5 re-watch podcast called Jumpgate (you can find it on iTunes, if you're into that kinda thing) which featured the work of his fellow filkers on several occasions. It was from this love of B5 that Regrets was originally written, way back in 1999.

He wishes to extend a profuse amount of gratitute to anyone and everyone who ever performed or enjoyed Regrets whenever he wasn't there to play it. He is honored and humbled to be nominated for the Pegasus this year.


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