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Blake Hodgetts IF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2005 Best Furry Friend Song A Habitrail Named Klein
2005 Best Writer/Composer  
2004 Best Writer/Composer  

Blake Hodgetts is a musician living in Eugene, Oregon. He was active in the filk community for a few years in the early Naughties, and has released two albums, Blindsight and Out of the Workshop, available wherever fine music can be streamed. His most infamous song may be the Star Trek Next Generation Episode Guide, although his song about refrigerator love, Hot Point, Warm Heart, was his only recording to make it onto Doctor Demento. Blake has written quite a few songs that have not been recorded, although some day they might be if people pester him. While no longer attending filk cons, Blake continues to be very active in music and has spent the past few years collaborating with musicians around the world by means of the internet. Blake's website is , and his BandCamp page is

He's happy to hear from anyone who wonders "What the hell happened to him?"



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