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Brooke Abbey IF


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2021 Best Mad Science Song Mad Science Café
2010 Best Mad Science Song Mad Science Café
2009 Best Writer/Composer  
2008 Best Tragedy Song The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster
2008 Best Writer/Composer  

Brooke Abbey (formerly Brooke Lunderville) of New Westminster, BC is a banjo-playing trans queer disabled single parent, putting him at the cutting edge of dad joke technology. He is a pharmacist specializing in compounding and immunization, aka the socially acceptable way to make money by doing mad science and stabbing people. Brooke got into filk when a family friend came to dinner one night and played Never Set the Cat on Fire.

He learned to play the banjo in two weeks on a dare, played Nate Bucklin's I Pop Pills at the pharmacy school variety show to an enthusiastic but confused audience, and has been writing and performing his poignant and extremely serious songs about drycleaning, livejournal, and antihistamines ever since.

He has released one studio album (Brooke vs. John: Steel Cage Match) with his former musical partner, guitarist & high-quality hooligan John Caspell, who passed away in 2009. This as well as many sketchy living room recordings can be found at

Brooke is seldom seen at filk cons these days due to an involuntary long-term committed relationship with Chronic Migraine, which regrettably is not cured by the healing power of banjo, yoga, or even shaking his fist at the sky. Alas! But he is delighted that in his absence his songs continue to have adventures at cons without him.

(ps: WHEE!!!)



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