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Carla Ulbrich IF



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Year Category Song
2017 Best Perky Song What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone?
2005 Best Performer  

Carla Ulbrich is a comical singer-songwriter and guitarist whose biggest musical influences were (and still are) Sesame Street, camp songs, and cat food commercials. She has a love of the absurdities of ordinary life, a somewhat twisted viewpoint, and a love of wordplay.

Her songs cover topics from the mundane to insane: Waffle House, Klingons, psycho exes, how rich she would be if she had a copyright on the F Word...

Songs from Carla's 6 CDs have been aired on the BBC, Dr. Demento, Sirius XM Radio, NPR (and featured in the documentary "F*CK" - movie about the "F word").

She also appeared in "Sharknado 2" (as a human) and once opened for Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel.

Carla has been performing since the late 90s, playing in venues small and smaller, from bars to Clothing Optional Resorts to the Bluebird Cafe to patches of grass in a backyard (but mostly venues in the "folk" world). She has also appeared as a musical guest on the TV shows "The Revolution" (canceled) and "Up All Night with Rhonda" (canceled)

In 2001, while living in Georgia, Carla discovered the land of filk (at GaFilk), and felt instantly at home. She has attended numerous filk and SF conventions since, sometimes as GoH, sometimes as G. Shortly after finding filk, she sent (her then-friend and now husband) Joe Giacoio to Confluence, where he, too, knew he had finally found others from his planet.

Carla is a survivor of catastrophic illness, which became the topic of her 3rd CD ("Sick Humor") as well as her nonfiction humorous book, "How Can You NOT Laugh at a Time Like This?" She is currently living in New Jersey with hubby Joe and their small dog, Easy. These days, Carla is teaching guitar, gigging/ traveling sporadically, occasionally working as an "extra" in TV/ film, regularly scooping Easy's poop, and writing ridiculous songs.


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