The Pegasus Awards

Chris 'Minstrel' Malme SAM HoF


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2004 Best Comic Book Song Elektra's Song

There has been music in my life for as long as I remember - both parents were self-taught on the piano, and encouraged my brother and I to have lessons.

I had really wanted to learn to play the guitar, so when I went to University, I persuaded a friend to teach me. My technique was rough and ready, but I learned how to knock out a song. Within a term, I found myself helping to run the college folk club. I was probably the worst instrumentalist to play there, but built up a repertoire of funny songs and parodies, which I think were a welcome release from the earnest young students who suffered for their music.

After college, I lived and worked in London for a year, but eventually returned to my university town of Brighton and Hove. The area is rich in folk clubs, and I found plenty of opportunity to play. During this time, my technique improved and I started to write some serious songs. However, after a few years, my interest turned to other things, and for a while, the guitar was forgotten, in the back of a cupboard.

Then I encountered filk at Follycon, a British Easter convention, in 1988. The circumstances will no doubt sound familiar - I was walking along a hotel corridor and heard voices singing, somewhere. I tracked the music down, and sat in on a wonderful filk session. That night, I was filled with enthusiasm, and stayed up late, in my room, writing - I desperately wanted to have a song I could perform in the next day's session.

The following day, I sat in the filk room, nervously waiting my turn. When it came, I started to sing my first real filk song - "Where Do You Get Your Ideas From", to the tune of Peter Sarstedt's "Where Do You Go To My Lovely":

"You are a best selling author
And I but a poor lowly fan
I've got some questions to ask you
The committee have said that I can..."

What I didn't know was that Gordy Dickson was also in the room - as I sang this song, he picked up a chair, and sat down right in front of me, so I was serenading him:

"I want you to tell me your story,
Of just how you came to be here,
Tell me your innermost secrets,
And for this I will buy you a beer"

That was my baptism into filk.

I have been writing and performing ever since - my material is a mixture of filk and non-filk, and serious and comedic. Much of my inspiration is taken from the cinema, which I love, but I also write from novels, comics, and everyday life.


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