The Pegasus Awards

Chris (The Magician) O'Shea



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2019 Best Classic Filk Song w/ Zander Nyrond Arden
2018 Best Classic Filk Song w/ Zander Nyrond Arden
2015 Best Performer The Cast of 'Before the Dawn' at Loncon 2014  
Chris "The Magician" O'Shea is a multi- instrumentalist, tenor, and noted practitioner of the darkest art ... puns. 

Aside from being on the committee of the second UK filkcon,  Con2bile, he has been on the committee of the UK Eastercon several times and co-chair twice. He's also been on the committees of cons for Star Trek, costuming, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Blake's 7, and helped out at hundreds of others including at nearly every level of Worldcon. At the 2014 London Worldcon he played guitar in the filk rock opera Before the Dawn, as well as co-MCing the masquerade, and appearing in the David Wake play. And worked in ops. He doesn't seem to know how to say no ;)

His debut solo album will be along "real soon now" :)



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