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Daniel Glasser IF



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Song
2008 Best Comedy Song Close Your Eyes

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2006 Best Filk Song Close Your Eyes


Daniel Glasser is a second generation filker, though his parents didn't know that they were technically filkers, as their participation in the activity predated the adoption of the label.

Having first heard the term "Filk" while in college through friends in the SCA, he started trying to get into the filk community shortly after he graduated in 1981, but this first attempt was short lived due to personal circumstances, and he next appeared in a filk room in 1996 at CapriCon.

Circumstances were different the second time, and he soon became a fixture in the midwest. His first filk con was OVFF in 1996, where he arrived in the main room just after Steve Macdonald's concert to be greeted from the stage by Steve with the announcement "Hey everybody -- that's Daniel. Listen to him, he's good!"

Daniel spent the rest of the con unsuccessfully trying to hide.

At OVFF in 1998, he met Melissa Mays, and very soon afterwards, they became a couple. Their first kiss was just as Melissa was about to head back to her home in West Virginia, and the two of them provided a bit of amusement to those watching out the windows of the con-suite. Shortly thereafter, Daniel and Melissa started singing together. In March of 2000, they were married. They missed OVFF 21 last year because they were in the process of welcoming their son, David, to the world.

Daniel calls himself "Daniel", but is not offended by being called "Dan" -- just don't call him "Danny", as he turns green, grows much larger, and trashes city centers by throwing tanks around.

Daniel does mostly covers of songs written by others. He's well known, along with Melissa, for introducing the music of Dave Carter to the filk audience, though his first big import was Bill Steele's "A Thousand Songs".

He plays a 12-string guitar named "Succubus". If you're a guitar player, ask him to let you play her; you'll then know why she's called that. Daniel is also a Webmaster for the OVFF site, the co-Webmaster of the Pegasus Award pages, and a member of the Pegasus committee.

This is Daniel's second Pegasus Award nomination. He's honored, amazed, and somewhat alarmed. "Close Your Eyes" is one of his few original compositions that has words that has survived.


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