The Pegasus Awards

Dave Weingart IF SAM

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2003 Best Parody A SMOF Too Blue
2002 Best Writer/Composer  
2001 Best Writer/Composer  
2001 Best Computer Song 404: Not Found
2000 Best Writer/Composer  
In a hole, in the ground, there lived...well, it's not important, since Dave's not a spelunker. Now, if it was a beach or a snowboard park, that would have been a far more sensible way to start out a story.

Dave got his start long about the first of March, 1962, and his parodic start listening to his mother's Allan Sherman records and the Dr. Demento show. He wrote a number of songs long years back, but he didn't discover filk until he discovered SF fandom in the fall of 1980 during his freshman year. It was the start of a long, downward spiral into the depths of madness and degradation. Those earliest songs have vanished into the mists of time and the universe is likely a better place for it.

After two decades in filk, Dave's been known to write songs on almost any subject, some of them are even singable in polite company. He's run filk at regional cons and Worldcon, he's won and lost song contests, he's been nominated for Pegasus awards. He's managed to filk at every con he's been to, including CostumeCon.

In his copious free time, he's a senior programmer and systems analyst for a rapidly-shrinking multinational corporation. He lives in a thoroughly mundane split-level house on Long Island, New York, with his wife, the two cutest and most infuriating children in the known universe and five guitars. He speaks French very badly.

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