The Pegasus Awards

Emily Raftery



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Group
2007 Best Performer n'Early Music Consort

Emily Raftery sings Alto.

Filk was introduced to Emily at the 2001 British filk con, Conthirteena. After being properly introduced, Emily jumped in feet first, going to any event where she could listen and sing, and be with friends. In 2002 she joined the alto section of the nMC and has been improving since then. Aside from her involvement in the choir she has been on the committee for both HarmUni 2 and the D'Zenove (Genova) Convention, the 19th British filk con, and is the committee chair for the upcoming HamrUni 3. As was said at the last filk con she attended… Everyone knows Emily, and now you will too!


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