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Fred Capp


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2021 Best Cheery-Ose Song Chuck the Corpse

Fred Capp has led a checkered life. Kidnapped by eskimos and taken to Siberia as a young man, I don't think he has been normal since. Of course, since I didn't meet him until around 1990, I cannot say for sure whether he was normal before. When he finally made it back to the states, he drove under a moose in Alaska, got offered a job working for Santa Claus and then took off for Europe for a couple of years, making his way by street busking and sheep herding (Sheep are really, really DUMB), and finally came back to his native California, worked for various unsuccessful Silicon Valley start-ups (it was always a bad sign when the MBAs came in), discovered the filk scene via the SCA, and met his lovely wife. His brushes with musical greatness included making a blatt noise on Dizzy Gillespie's trumpet, playing Bluegrass with Santa Claus, accidentally interviewing Arlo Guthrie on the radio and NOT carrying Andre Segovia's guitar when he was in town for a concert.

If you want to hear more of Fred's music, he will eventually be up on Band Camp (album in the works, untitled) or you can catch him at a con. Be patient and let this be motivation to stay as healthy as possible.

Fred wishes it to be known that HE has never actually had to dispose of a human body.

- written by the lovely wife.



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