The Pegasus Awards

Graham Leathers



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Song
Pegasus graphic 2017 Best Perky Song Chocolate Is A Vegetable

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2008 Best Comedy Song Chocolate Is A Vegetable
1995 Best Filk Song Nantucket Sleigh Ride
1995 Best Writer/Composer  

Graham Leathers is a well seasoned veteran of the stage and airwaves. Having worked as an actor, singer/songwriter, playwright, musician and voice artist, Graham offers a wide range of talents and is able to turn his hand to just about anything. At a very early age, Graham caught the performing virus and has never found a cure. From musical comedy review on the Western Canadian Fringe festival circuit to some of the top comedy show cases all across Canada. Graham now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota and performs at Renaissance festivals with his wife Becca as the “Bardz at Large”. He currently has produced two solo CD's and appeared in session with other artists.


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