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Heather Estelme


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Year Category Song
2021 Best Filk Song Pure of Heart

Heather Estelme is legally an elf and emotionally a hobbit, and has been writing filk-adjacent songs pretty much since she learned how to sing. Even after her high school women's choir performed one of her original songs (with lyrics partially in Elvish), she figured there wasn't much of an audience out there for songs about space and fairy tales and mythical beasties. So of course she was deeply delighted when she got to college and was introduced to the magical world of filk music!

When not filking, Heather can be found singing in trees, foraging for mushrooms in the woods, baking wedding cakes for her friends, or learning yet another fastidious historical craft technique. She has degrees in Classics, bookbinding, and library science, although these days she mostly uses all that knowledge to fuel the worldbuilding for her D&D campaign.

She lives in the Twin Cities with her bandmate Nate Wulver, whom she stole from the internet. Together they perform as Astrisoni. They've recorded a short EP, Sounding With The Stars, and have plans to release their first album soon!

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