The Pegasus Awards

Jessica Stevenson SAM


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2010 Best Mad Science Song Evil Overlords Anonymous
2005 Best Space Opera Song Evil Overlords Anonymous

Jessica Stevenson (née Prett) lives in Cambridge, UK, with her husband Dave and two Cavalier King Charles (English Toy) Spaniels.She makes her living fiddling with DNA, but has yet to achieve full mad scientist status. She was introduced to the concept of Filk in her first year at university, but it was not until after leaving there that she started to get involved. Evil Overlords Anonymous pre-dates Jessia's entry into filk, and was written in an hour or so between lectures as a result of a bizarre email conversation between herself and Alasdair. Alasdair put a tune to the words and the finished product was received with much amusement by the British filk community. Jessica has penned a few sets of lyrics but mainly considers herself to be a filker-listener.


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