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Kathy Sobansky



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration
2003 Best Performer w/ Clam Chowder
Kathy Sobansky has been singing since grade school, when she first realized just what a really cool thing singing was. And since she joined the choir in high school and found out just how even cooler it was to sing in harmony, she set out on a years-long search to find other people who didn't think it was at all weird to burst into song at the slightest provocation. All through high school, college and grad school, and various choirs and opera choruses, her search went on, giving her lots of training and experience. She also found her lifetime soulmate Ed, when he burst into an aria while they were decorating the Christmas tree at her sorority house. But it wasn't until her brand new government job moved her to Maryland and she took her newly built folk harp out to the very first Maryland Renaissance Festival , that she found John and Don and Bob and a whole hell of a lot of other folks in the Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia who loved to sing - in harmony! - as much as she did! Thus she was in at the birth of the Markland Madrigalia and a little later, a folk group who took the name "Clam Chowder". In the twenty five years that they have been singing together in various iterations, the thrill of hearing the voices and instruments come together has never faded. As she always says, "In some respects, music is even better than sex - you can do it with lots of other people and no one gets jealous, you don't get strange diseases, and it almost always leaves you happier afterwards!"


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