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2022 Best Furry Friend Song Meownir
2022 Best Performer   mp3
2021 Best Performer    

Madison "Metricula" Roberts (she/her) is a singer-songwriter, clown, guitarist, and entertainer from Raleigh, NC, with sets of material tailored to both all-ages or 18+ audiences. Her music ranges from pop-folk, Americana, and Peter, Paul & Mary style campfire classics and has been featured on The FuMP, Marc Gunn's Geek Pub Songs, and more! Metricula is a regular fixture as a guest and performer at sci-fi and fantasy conventions like DragonCon, RavenCon, illogiCon, ConGregate!

You can cozy up with her at the Nerd Music Campfire and relive the summer camp nights of your youth with sing-a-longs and smores, but nerdier! Stream tunes from her debut EP, "Songs for Gamers" for free online on YouTube or pick them up via Bandcamp Look for her tracks under Madison Metricula Roberts on services like TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, and more!

Metricula is a member of the Social Justice Bards (a networking group of nerdy, progressive musicians, artists, and storytellers supporting each other and liberal causes) and The Salacious Crumbles, a fangirl music duo with Leigh Tyberg. You can catch Metricula live (sometimes with Leigh or members of her backing band, The Friends With Benefits) online playing tunes or games on her livestream shows She also hosts a weekly show called Trick's Triple 6 which features six songs at 6pmET from six different categories--including a guest spot from a friend!

Want nerdy, royalty-free lofi tracks for your projects or streams? Get them free from Metricula's alter ego, DJ DANI ORTHANC

In her mundane life, Metricula is a scientist, diagnosed narcoleptic, knitter, producer, and avid coffee-drinker. She's totally not mad that the cat loves her spouse, Richard, more than her. Follow her online basically everywhere as @metricula or find her hub at

Representative Work for the 2022 Pegasus Awards

The tune is a traditional UK/Appalachian lullaby, and the version I learned it from was featured on Doc Watson's "On Praying Ground."

The new lyrics are by me, and are loosely based on the creepy-ass horse stuff in The Ring. - Madison "Metricula" Roberts

All the Pretty Horses (Drowning Song) (mp3)

Copyright ©2020 by Madison "Metricula" Roberts
All Rights Reserved -
Used by Permission

Hush my child, lie still and wonder
Who it is that we must feed?
Iron hooves and silver bridles
All the pretty horses in the stable freed

Ride on backs of dappled ponies
Ride away to find the lake
Slip into the lapping water
Hurry, child, these first steps take

Silt and sand in living water
Come, my child, and close your eyes
Let the cold rise to embrace you
Let the pretty pony lead you with her cries

Golden sleighs and silver bridles
Silver bells and golden throne
Finest crystal sets the banquet
Why have you come here all alone?

Hush my child, lie still and wonder
Who it is that we must feed?
Iron hooves and silver bridles
All the pretty horses in the water bleed



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