The Pegasus Awards

Marion Beet



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Group
2007 Best Performer n'Early Music Consort

Marion Beet sings Alto, Tenor, and Baritone as required.

Marion cut her musical teeth singing alto in productions put on by a local Gilbert & Sullivan society. She discovered filk at Star Trek conventions in the 1970s, though she was unaware that was what it was called. Later, drifting from fandom to fandom, she kept encountering other people who sang the "wrong" words to Gilbert and Sullivan tunes, until suddenly the presences of Zander Nyrond and Gytha North brought it all into focus for her. An original member of the nMC, she has attended all the UK filk cons, has sung in every one of the nMC's performances at them, and hopes to continue her career as a sopraltenitone. She is UK filk's "Aunty Marion" to all available small human beings.


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