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Paul Bristow



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Year Category Group
2015 Best Performer The Cast of 'Before the Dawn' at Loncon 2014

Paul Bristow arrived late, flustered and complaining loudly on 26th May 1965. Thus was the pattern of his life laid down. His introduction to filk came after he had dragged a reluctant Miki Dennis to what proved to be a spectacularly badly run Doctor Who convention. Miki retaliated by dragging him to VIbraphone, which they both enjoyed a lot more, and at which Paul wrote his third/fourth/ninety-seventh ever filksong (depending how you count them), "Right Said Ace". Since then he's averaged about 2-and-a-half songs a year, some of which aren't too bad, and a few of which have even been finished.

His stage credentials consist of the Warlingham County Secondary School Drama Prize (Class of '83) and a Gold Medal for acting from LAMDA (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) in the mid 90s, but he was too chicken to try for the Diploma or, indeed, an actual acting career. However, one of the performance pieces Paul considered using in those exams - before rejecting it as requiring too many prop elements and other performers to interact with - was the song "Rumour Monger" by Zander Nyrond. He was finally able to present his take on the character in the first ever staged performance of "Before the Dawn" at AXXIdental in 2009, and reprised the role in 2014 at Loncon 3.

... Oh, and he wrote that blasted "Bogton Boys" thing. (Don't ask. It's nine minutes long, and trust me, you don't have them to spare...)


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