The Pegasus Awards

Rhodri James IF SAM



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Group
2015 Best Performer The Cast of 'Before the Dawn' at Loncon 2014
2007 Best Performer n'Early Music Consort

Rhodri James singsTenor, baritone, bass as required, conductor extraordinaire, arranger extraordinaire.

Rhodri is busy, that much he's sure of. He sings, plays a variety of instruments indifferently, and sometimes even remembers to conduct. Having been introduced to choral music at an early age he developed an enthusiasm for harmony arrangements. Once he was introduced to filk in the late '80s, the combination was obvious.

"Valerie, that choir you were talking about… I've got a couple of arrangements we could try…"

Rhodri is responsible for most of the arrangements performed by the choir. Those involving tricky key changes etc. are known as "Rhodri Specials".


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