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Richard Wheatley IF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Group
2015 Best Performer The Cast of 'Before the Dawn' at Loncon 2014
2007 Best Performer n'Early Music Consort

Richard Wheatley (aka Hitch) sings Tenor, and baritone as required.

Hitch, or Richard Wheatley as he is known in the mundane, first became aware of filk sometime in the 1980s through the singing of the renowned Gytha North. This occurred in a context of Medieval recreationism, which eventually lead to the production of a tape of 16th Century dances, again under the aegis of Gytha, and entitled: 'A Hitch In Time.' Said tape featured a multi-tracked Hitch playing recorder, shawm, keyboard and percussion; although he has been known to play clarinet and alto saxophone in a non-medieval context.

He first attended a FilkCon in the earliest British incarnation of same, Contabile in 1989, and has attended every Brit FilkCon since. Apart from singing in the circle, Hitch has contributed occasional aberrations such as 'FilkoTrash' - an audio parallel to Turkey Readings, which only justified its existence by raising a few pounds for GOH airfares.

Since 'Obliter8' in Milton Keynes, he has been happy to sing in the tenor section of the nMC.


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