The Pegasus Awards

Rick Hewett IF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Group
2015 Best Performer The Cast of 'Before the Dawn' at Loncon 2014
2007 Best Performer n'Early Music Consort

Rick Hewett sings Bass, is the provider of our alternate rehearsal venue and a techie.

Rick had a brief encounter with fandom back in the late 70s when he was at university, but escaped, and remained mostly free of fannish influence for the next couple of decades. Then, in an un-guarded moment, he asked the question "What, exactly, is 'filk'?" and the hook was set. In mid '98 Annie Walker hauled him out of the Harp List into Filk_UK. By the end of the year he'd been to three SWiGGLes, two house-cons, one convention, and joined the nMC. His house was used for one of the "Voices Going West" recording sessions. Shortly afterwards it needed extensive under-pinning...


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